• Wall-it ski is the first product from Wall-it. This is custom made for you to display your alpine skis in a way you have not seened before. With Wall-it ski we want you to show your friends who you are and what you represent. We want to give you the opportunity to relive the past season and wish for the next one to come.

  • Make yourself a favour and get a Wall-it ski today!

Product information

  • Technical information

  • - Maximum waist fit: 140 mm

  • - Minimum waist fit: 60 mm

  • - Product measures: 250x110x160 mm

  • - Weight: 2,5 kg

  • - Material: Aluminium

  • - Rubber padding

  • - 360 degrees rotational freedom

  • - Black painted

Product function

  • adjust
  • place your skis
  • spin your skis
  • Wall-it ski is very easy to use, simply adapt the bracket to your skis waist measure, mount it on the wall and place your skis. Enjoy 360 degrees of rotational freedom.

Product package

  • Out from the box

  • Download Instruction for use here